archive series #23: fiddly bits & fjords

Priming The Pump Improv recorded February 18th 2017. Warming up the important muscles of the body!

Scarlet Wilderness Improv recorded February 18th 2017. Now we're getting going...dense ambient twilit sound-forest

Trumped-Up Duckturds Improv/sound collage recorded and mixed February 19th 2017, drums recorded in 2013. Inspired by music from the Can album Tago Mago but with a more obnoxious edge than may be needed.

It Doesn't Wear Pants Improv recorded February 19th 2017. It meanders a bit as well...rough to smooth, harsh to airy, Satchell to Paige.

The Duck Inside Me Improv recorded March 3rd 2017. The Duck is loose! Run away!

Executive Odors Improv recorded March 4th 2017. It tries to sound logical but it can't maintain anything and just gets in its own way all the time.

Apparently It Wants To Be A Rock Star Improv recorded March 4th 2017. Sad, but true.

How We Gonna? Improv recorded March 4th 2017. The most important question in front of us.

project saajex + trippo


Between 1983-1988 when I was in high school & college in Houston, one of my associates was a fellow by the name of Sebastian Gregory, who we all called Saaj or Saajex because we thought he had the coolest name ever...unfortunately, Saaj & I never were able to collaborate on a musical endeavor before I moved away from Houston, which makes the commencement of this project a really cool thing. So far, all we have are lofty ideas and a vague plan, but I'm very much looking forward to start work on this very soon. What will happen? Who knows, but whatever it is, it will probably be pretty strange. Check out his stuff here.


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