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Everyone takes their first step, and this one is mine. Smello (aka Tubular Smells) is my oldest and most naïve work, a frenetic & serendipitous series of exercises that I undertook in order to learn the art of recording and mixing demos, and it has all the charms of a long-lost, unwashed friend (happy to see you, friend, to smell you is another thing). This work is dedicated to those who instructed and/or inspired me in the difficult act of music.

Five String Guitar was recorded in 1988 using a pair of ancient headphones to mic the guitar. Pompadour, Norman, Liberty Hill & Praline Psychosis were my first attempts at multitrack recording in August, 1989. Tennis Eyeball and Tubular Smells were recorded in the summer of 1990. Hallucinating Dobros was recorded using a hand held microcassette recorder in 1990 or 1991. Django's Missing Digits employs tuned glasses of water as percussion and was recorded in December, 1992.

TENNIS EYEBALL 1Recorded May 26th 1990 Mixed 1996-1999 Remixed 2000/2001/2003
TUBULAR SMELLSRecorded September 2nd-3rd 1990 Mixed 2000-2001 Remixed 2003/2019
DJANGO’S MISSING DIGITSRecorded December 24th 1992 Mixed 1993-2001 Remixed 2003
TENNIS EYEBALL 2Recorded April-June 1990 Mixed 2000 Remixed 2001/2003/2019
POMPADOUR 2Recorded August 20th 1989 Mixed 2000-2019
NORMANRecorded August 20th 1989 Mixed 2000-2001 Remixed 2003
LIBERTY HILLRecorded August 19th 1989 Mixed 2000-2001 Remixed 2003/2019
HALLUCINATING DOBROSRecorded in late 1990 or (most likely) early 1991 Mixed 2001
FIVE STRING GUITARRecorded Spring 1988 Mixed 2000-2001 Remixed 2003
PRALINE PSYCHOSISRecorded August 20th 1989 Mixed 2000-2001 Remixed 2003
POMPADOUR 1Recorded August 20th 1989 Mixed 2000 Remixed 2001/2004/2019