Everyone takes their first step, and this one is mine. Smello (aka Tubular Smells) is my oldest and most naïve work, a frenetic & serendipitous series of exercises that I undertook in order to learn the art of recording and mixing demos, and it has all the charms of a long-lost, unwashed friend (happy to see you, friend, to smell you is another thing). It strongly reflects my influences & interests, and yet seems somewhat original because, as John Hartford so eloquently said, “Style is based on limitations.” In this case, I only hope the number of limitations in these recordings is proportional to the amount and/or kind of “style” they exhibit. This work is dedicated to those who instructed and/or inspired me in the difficult act of music.

TENNIS EYEBALL 1Recorded May 26th 1990 Mixed 1996-1999 Remixed 2000/2001/2003
POMPADOUR 2Recorded August 20th 1989 Mixed 2000-2019
DJANGO’S MISSING DIGITSRecorded December 24th 1992 Mixed 1993-2001 Remixed 2003
NORMANRecorded August 20th 1989 Mixed 2000-2001 Remixed 2003
LIBERTY HILLRecorded August 19th 1989 Mixed 2000-2001 Remixed 2003/2019
HALLUCINATING DOBROSRecorded in late 1990 or (most likely) early 1991 Mixed 2001
PRALINE PSYCHOSISRecorded August 20th 1989 Mixed 2000-2001 Remixed 2003
POMPADOUR 1Recorded August 20th 1989 Mixed 2000 Remixed 2001/2004/2019
TENNIS EYEBALL 2Recorded April-June 1990 Mixed 2000 Remixed 2001/2003/2019
TUBULAR SMELLSRecorded September 2nd-3rd 1990 Mixed 2000-2001 Remixed 2003/2019
FIVE STRING GUITARRecorded Spring 1988 Mixed 2000-2001 Remixed 2003