Lo-fi experimental rock cycle exploring emotional dysfunction and its attendant frippery

Produced composed & performed by Trippo Marx
Recorded 1993-2004 Mixed 1994-2004 Remixed 2009-2019
Released November 12th 2004
© 2004-2019

TRIPPO MARX guitar vocals bass synths drum machine sound effects percussion

Water Damage: the process of excessive emotional attachment to unrealistic ideas…something got wet that shouldn’t have and now no longer performs its proper function. This idea came from a series of dreams I have had in which I am trying to accomplish some task in surroundings damaged by broken pipes, excessive rain, standing or flowing water, etc. These dreams always give me a sense of struggling with some emotional function/dysfunction I can’t quite get a grasp of. None of this collection of slightly modified demo tapes from 1993-1994 was intended to be part of a larger unifying concept, but during the digitization process they congealed into a song cycle depicting difficult struggles with emotional states, regressive lapses into frippery and nonsense, and the eventual self-destruction and rebirth cycle of maturation.