A collection of analog oddities and minimalist curios

Produced composed & performed by Trippo Marx
Recorded 1989-1999 Mixed 1996-1999 Remixed 1992-2019
Released July 6th 1999
© 1999-2019

TRIPPO MARX guitar vocals synth bass drum machine percussion

This album started out as an eponymous five song EP released in 1999 in lieu of the full-length project I was still trying to complete (my fifth album THE MOON IS ENGLISH FOR LUNA). Over the next year and a half I expanded the project bit by bit to album length. The current running order contains three of the five original EP tracks, plus most of the material I added in the expansions, as well as a few premiere recordings unique to this version, and for all practical purposes it is the “definitive” edition of the album. Like many of my albums, it is mostly instrumental, mostly experimental, and peppered throughout with strange voices saying strange things.