Fourteen experimental rock songs ranging from the sublime to the bizarre

Produced composed & performed by Trippo Marx
Recorded 1992-2001 Mixed 2000-2001 Remixed 2003-2020
Released May 7th 2001
© 2001-2020

TRIPPO MARX guitars vocals synth drum machines percussion
with MANNHEIM JOINT ROLLER on Liberty Hill acoustic & electric guitars

This album began as five mp3 singles I released between June and October 2000 (Windscorn, Byooful Corpse, Canned Monster, Liberty Hill, and Ozone Day). I added four reworked songs originally recorded in 1993 (Blood, Try Living In The Decade You Are In, Amnesia In A Can, and Fooling Time) as well as doing another version of Pompadour. The remaining material (Warning Label, Meet Mike Martin, How I Learned To Dance, and Les Misérables) was written specifically to finish out the project. The Definitive Edition is mostly the original mix, with some samples moved, removed and/or replaced.