Strange beats & samples splashed with eclectic guitars

Produced composed & performed by Trippo Marx
Recorded 1990-2008 Mixed 2001-2009 Remixed 2020
Released August 17th 2009
© 2009-2020

TRIPPO MARX guitars vocals synth drum & midi programming
with THEO SPANOS master of cermeonies
Additional voices KRICH PENNY YALC

In 2001, I received a message on my answering machine from my friend Theo Spanos. When I first started work on this project, my idea was to intersperse small snippets of that phone message throughout to provide a sort of phony running commentary amongst the various side experiments I had created during the time I was working on the first several > Greater Than albums. Theo appears as the “master of ceremonies” on four tracks: How You’re Gonna Hear Me, Hygiene is Important, Not Busy At All Right Now, and You See What I’m Saying.