Three volume set of live and studio recordings collected for the Trippo Marx 25th Anniversary project

Produced composed & performed by Trippo Marx
Recorded 1989-2014 Mixed 2007-2014
Released October 27th 2014
© 2014

TRIPPO MARX guitars vocals tape recorder
with RANDY AKIN guitar solos on Amelia Airhead and It Ain't The Way
sampled voices KRICH, REV. F. U. MIDDLEFINGER

This box set without a box is a culmination of seven years of work: things that began piling up during the production of RHESUS PIECES, INSIDE THE FRAME, BLUSTERING TUNNEL PUPPETS, PLAYA IN TWILIGHT, and AT LAST THE LIE CAN BE TOLD, as well as things from my brief foray into live performance during 2011-2012 (The Trippo Marx Show).