At long last the lie can finally be told

Produced composed & performed by Trippo Marx
Recorded & mixed 2000-2020
Released December 21st 2020
© 2020

TRIPPO MARX guitars vocals mellotron stylophone synth drum machine groovebox midi programming

This album is a sequel of sorts to At Last The Lie Can Be Told, heavily influenced by all of the craziness that is life on Earth in the year 2020. The story itself is only peripherally alluded to in the songs, some of which mention “the Duck”, the horrible successor to First World Emperor Johnny Nukular (whose rise and fall is told on At Last The Lie Can Be Told album). Johnny has become a ghost inhabiting the brain of a rapper named J-Nuq. My original idea for the sequel was supposed to have focused more on the Duck character, but this album puts more of a focus on the Captain Smartybritches character, who is a self-appointed “enforcer” for the Duck. The “ending” is intended to be unresolved, nebulous, and foreboding.

The Legend Of Captain Smartybritches: Captain Smartybritches is kind of an influencer. Captain Smartybritches’ bicycle is not particularly well made, but his mommy decorated it all nice for him. People compliment him on its appearance when they are not trying to beat him up. Captain Smartybritches gets beat up a lot, even by girls. Captain Smartybritches accepts this as a natural function of his existence and demonstrates his acceptance by complaining about it to everyone. Captain Smartybritches likes to stick his nose in other people’s business and pretend he has the authority to make people behave. Captain Smartybritches likes to imagine that someday he will be a person of great power and influence. Everyone thinks this is ridiculous of course, but Captain Smartybritches doesn’t care. He is in love with his BIG BRAIN. And he will be VERY ANGRY with YOU if you do not do exactly what he says. Captain Smartybritches and his loyal followers will go to your town and smash it all down while screaming horrible demeaning things about you, and then laugh at you. Or kill you. Or both. So…who is YOUR influencer?