RIP Old Tree

Produced composed & performed by Trippo Marx
Recorded 1993-2021 Mixed 2002-2021
Released July 5th 2021
© 2021

TRIPPO MARX guitars vocals mellotron stylophone groovebox midi programming

sample voices DARREN KRICH MOM

The death of my mother fueled this production of unfinished demos and leftovers with added overdubs. The album title comes from an episode of Northern Exposure (the show was one of the few topics upon which my mother and I could have a productive discussion with a minimum of arguing). The plot centers around a dying tree that has lived for centuries and the people on the show must decide if the tree should be cut down. The cover photo features a large lone tree in the middle of a pasture somewhere near Staples, Texas, that I would pass by on my way to and from visiting my mom in her nursing home during the last year of her life. I created some interstitial tracks as a running commentary (similar to Rhesus Pieces & At Last The Lie Can Be Told) and the final one of these features the only audio recording I have of my departed mother, a piece of tape accidentally captured by her analog answering machine when she was recording her greeting.