Forgotten leftovers & other assorted blech

Produced composed & performed by Trippo Marx
Recorded 1999-2020 Mixed 2011-2022
Released July 11th 2022
© 2022

TRIPPO MARX guitars vocals mellotron drums tape recorder

⛱ Umbrella Drinks ⛱ enjoy our tropic-flavored effluent refreshment guaranteed to start the meal with a blast
☹ Screaming And Yelling Isn’t Gonna Get You Anywhere ☹ if you’re going to be an asshole you can fuck one needs asshole money anyway...if the last sentence offended you, you are the asshole...obviously
☢ Vomit Plate Special ☢ combo plate with your choice of ipecac...ask for the special nausea sauce, no extra charge!
☸ Bizarro Sands ☸ an old blustering favorite with a dash of alternate universe flavor...goes great with your favorite umbrella drink or sewage juice spritzer
☠ Desperation Desert ☠ tempt fate with this sparse offering stretched over cruel grueling days of paltry feed and scarce drink...the most satisfying diet plate you’ll find anywhere!
⚰ The Butler Did It ⚰ spoiler alert! this light appetizer will make you gag so hard your stomach and esophagus will prolapse in painfully bloody bilious spasms
☣ Lockdown ☣ when the pandemic started and the city shut down it smelled like the earth
♨ Hop Along ♨ improvised mash plate served with choice of hot goop chaser and extra large self-gagging spoon for rainbow colored exploding report
⛲ A Friend In The Bowl ⛲ a decadent chocolate colored dessert with a blue chlorine swirl topped with your choice of bodily excretion
☘ Your Thyme Is Up ☘ now get the fuck out...other people want to puke too!