On your knees and worship the New System!

Produced composed & performed by Trippo Marx
Recorded 1993-2023 Mixed 2010-2023
Released December 18th 2023
© 2023

TRIPPO MARX vocals groovebox synth drum machine stylophone drums tape recorder glockenspiel guitar
YALC voice on Excerpt From The Vomit Tapes

While you're very busy trying to accomplish your goals and just keep your head above water for one more day, someone you will never meet has your future meticulously planned, frequently involving things going up your butt on an involuntary basis, or leafblown words pummeling you until you submit just to have a moment's peace. Your forehead begins to look bizarre, and old movies are always attacking your sense of self worth. Everything triggers you. Old men disguised as playful children vomit sounds onto old analog tapes for cheap amusement. They finally discover the hub of intergalactic alien tourism and how to get there, but it turns out to be just as shitty as anything in Florida or California, and way more expensive. Is Mike Oldfield holy? You won't know for sure until the dance is through and the dance is as old as time...a man...a woman...a snake...paradise. Conquer your fears and ready steady go yourself for the unknown future that awaits us all, every one.