Dementia lays waste

Produced composed & performed by Trippo Marx
Recorded & Mixed 2018-2023
Bonus Tracks Recorded 1995-2023 Mixed 1998-2023
Released November 6th 2023
© 2023

Bonus Tracks
LEAFBLOWER (Instrumental) (4:34)
A GATE (Demo) (4:48)
LONELY AUTOMOBILE (Extended) (6:26)
HALLOWEEN DREAM (Night Terror) (6:25)

TRIPPO MARX stylophone groovebox vocals synth drum machine guitar

The dark news I received on MLK Day 2016 about an accident that befell my mother, which led to her being trapped in her bathroom for five days. The trauma precipitated the onset of dementia, which eventually took her life two years later. I spent a lot of time in the first few months of dealing with that situation traveling for hours alone, back and forth between cities, worried, harried, and facing a bleak future.